your home, our expertise

Originally we were only building Vali homes with our special methods. Now, we have gathered enough data and experience to expand these methods to many other buildings of varying design. While Vali homes will still be perfectly integrated we can still get you exponential benefits on your home with some Vali magic sprinkled on top.

Services for a new home start at $10,000 and supercharge your current design. We integrate with your team to make your home more like a Vali home, no matter your budget, style or location. We know from experience that a design is only as good as its execution. For that reason we stick around through construction for hands on training as part of every project. Contact us today to see how we can supercharge your next home.

PS - We also have smaller contracts for remodels, casitas or other limited projects that are fascinating, add to our knowledge and help you get a better result. We have taken these clients down to a $5,000 fee.

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