your home, our expertise

Vali has spent years testing and honing the holistically best building methods for our unique Sonoran Desert climate. We use wide ranging and scientifically tested principles such as Biophilia, Biomimicry, Passive House and the many more concepts in our wide ranging super-nerd toolbox. When these concepts fit just right you get magic; a home that is exponentially more healthy, comfortable, durable and dust free…..oh yea and you can set some energy efficiency records along the way. When others are building “green” homes at the equivalent of a Prius with a flat tire we have been focused on building, testing and improving a Tesla.

To date we have been using these principles selfishly only on our own projects. That means a specific style, location and price point. We want to make sure every detail of a Vali is just right for many years to come. Now, with our sister company, Inflexion, we are working to scale these ideas to your next home through various methods. The first and currently available method is our consulting service.

Services start at $10,000 and supercharge your current design. We integrate with your team to make your home more like a Vali home, no matter your budget, style or location. We know from experience that a design is only as good as its execution. For that reason we stick around through construction for hands on training as part of every project. Contact us today to see how we can supercharge your next home.

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