It's time to expect more from your home


Welcome to VALI Homes -- inspired by nature, artfully created and scientifically tested to deliver an entirely new level of mindful living. Each Vali is built to be in perfect balance with the Sonoran desert and achieves leading-edge efficiency while delivering year-round comfort, mountain-clean air and a peaceful refuge from city life.   

In a Vali, you will never sacrifice comfort for the environment or your wallet. It's not just about where you live. It's how you live.

Vali has spent years testing and honing the holistically best building methods for our unique Sonoran Desert climate. We use wide ranging and scientifically tested principles such as Biophilia, Biomimicry, Passive House and many more concepts in our wide ranging super-nerd toolbox. When these concepts fit just right you get magic; a home that is exponentially more healthy, comfortable, durable and dust free…..oh yea and you can set some energy efficiency records along the way. When others are building “green” homes at the equivalent of a Prius with a flat tire we have been focused on building, testing and improving a Tesla.


Can your home do this?

VALI homes vastly outperform average houses. From efficiency to aesthetics, we design and build the highest-quality home from our combined expertise in architecture, science and nature. We are revolutionizing the future of housing. 

01. Protect

Vali homes are designed to last 100 years while protecting the health and wealth of their owners.

02. breathe

"Modern energy efficient" homes are becoming unhealthy sealed boxes.  Vali homes breath in multiple ways, both like your lungs and a tree.  

03. Purify

Typical homes trap airborne contaminants and leave toxins in your water.  Vali homes triple filter ALL air and water.   

04. sustain

Vali homes support your life however you want to live it.  Their benefits over a standard home grow over time. 


“My house is smarter than most people I know”

vali homeowner


you can be 300% smarter

Really, it’s true, don’t take our word for it though, Harvard did the research. We focus on scientific and data backed solutions. One of those solutions is 24 hour, filtered and automated fresh air supply. 3rd party testing by Harvard shows that decreased chemicals and CO2 in your environment can increase critical decision making by 300% or more. Check it out HERE.


supercharged - not super expensive

Vali homes are supercharged beyond other homes using in depth and holistically functioning systems.  This is the result of years of research, testing and optimizing about 100 small changes throughout a home.  Testing also shows that getting a seemingly great 90% of these changes correct only gets about 50-60% of the benefits.

We start with common sense and data then add in biophilia, biomimicry and other holistic sciences to cut through the noise, get straight to the 1% of strategies that actually make a difference.

Both in full Vali homes and where we have consulted for other designers, costs average just 5-10% more than a typical design-build home. Those costs quickly pay for themselves in reduced utilities and maintenance. We all want to live in the worlds healthiest homes, we work to make sure you can afford to do so!


Can your house pay for itself?

This one just might. There are regular homes, there are “green” homes and there are Vali homes. While Vali homes are similarly priced to green homes, the comparable savings over time are dramatic. Check it out.


monthly savings

VALI homeowners can save close to $800 a month, thanks to lower utility and maintenance costs. 


long term savings

All that money adds up to over $60,000 in savings over the first 10 years.


build wealth

Watch your equity grow with a Vali home. You can pay off your loan almost twice as fast by putting your utility and maintenance savings toward your principal.


Already have a designer? We can still help.

We love to collaborate and are always searching for the next challenge. If you already have a designer, are working with an existing home or are just getting started and don’t know where to go we want to join your team.

Check out our consulting page for basic details or contact us to chat. Let’s make your future a more healthy, comfortable and relaxing one!

If nothing else, let us help you integrate amazing windows and doors into your home. Get more info on our window page.


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