Q. Do these q's and A's really have anything to do with vali

A. Not really.  However, we are nerds, connectors and educators and some questions just need answers.  Check back later for more worthless words of wisdom from the Vali team.

Q. What's the best bike pump

A. This one is easy, it's called a Silca.  A rebirth of an iconic Italian brand now designed and built in the USA.  Every part is engineered for the best darn tire pumping experience, beauty and lifetime durability.  After initial success they now even have a "budget" version.    

Q. Where should I buy my coffee?

A. We won't get into the debate of where, just make sure it's local, under 2 weeks old, light roast and whole bean.  Then get yourself a burr grinder and start experimenting with your favorite brewing methods.  Just remember, if you don't gram it, it doesn't count.  Actually that might be too far for most people.  Also find someone with a Slayer espresso machine, http://slayerespresso.com/.        

Q. Is arizona paradise for outdoor enthusiasts?

A. Yes.  The Grand Canyon is amazing but that's just one little corner of the state.  AZ has the widest wildlife and plant diversity of any state in the country.  It's also usually sunny.  Our trails are extensive, the Sonoran desert is unique and no it's not flat.  

Q. I'm an independent thinker and making cool things happen.  Should i move to phoenix?

A. Yes.  Phoenix is on it's way to a world class city because of more and more people like you.  Come visit, look close, get into it and don't leave ;)